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Support – “at the lowest point in my life”

What led me to join the program was a breach of my probation order by committing a serious offense and thus I got arrested again. I was previously given the probation order for offences which occurred last year. “I was young, naïve and have gone astray like a lost sheep at the time and I felt isolated, that no one understood me. At that moment I had really hit the lowest point in my life.”

After I joined HUG and its programs, many good things happened, I made new friends, met new people, have goals now and I constantly try to improve myself. I can positively say Hug has made me a better person. By going for weekly voluntary community work and church service on Sunday, it has helped me develop a positive attitude towards my life and discover more about myself. The thing I admire the most about HUG is the support I received from everyone there. I wouldn't have been able to achieve what I have achieved without that caring environment. I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude and appreciation to Pastor Jonathan, Pastor Jeffrey, Aunty Anne, Aunty Sharon for all the help and encouragement they have given me. I am thankful to have all of you in my life

- Nicholas Ten Yi Hao

New found hope…

On the 1st of February 2018, I was sentenced to Reformative Training Centre (RTC) for the mistakes I've committed. Being resistive to accept the reality, i appealed against the decision of the district judge. During that time, I remembered a friend who has a similar experience as I had and was referred to HUG Community Services Limited (HCSL) through him. Initially, my mindset was only to attain a good report with hopes to get away from court. Despite the multiple attempts of their case managers and volunteer’s effort to build a relationship, i resisted change and was stubborn. Little did I know that these actions made me fall deeper into the pothole.

Instead of rejecting me, HCSL had arranged for me to be admitted into a halfway house (The New Charis Mission) where I struggled during the first week. I tried to run away and hide, but the thought of being a disappointment to my mother and the people who never failed to encourage me gave me strength, courage and determination to change for the better. Ever since that day, I’ve opened myself towards counselling and witness these incremental improvement of relationship with my family and the people around me.

Also, I’ve found hope and grace through knowing and accepting Jesus as my Lord and saviour, one that has always revolved around me but I failed to notice. The Lord has showed me grace and mercy, but most importantly, LOVE! It was through this Love and Grace that I found a purpose in life to strive for the better.

On the 21st May 2018, my appeal was dismissed and I had to serve the RTC term. Rather than the former feelings I had during the first sentencing, I wasn’t disappointed nor angry with the outcome. I believe strongly that I am part of God’s master plan in my life and ready to face everything ahead of me, a victory I must say!
- Lei Feng Cheng

Fear turned into faith…

It is only when you are at your bottom, are you able to tell who really cares for you and will be there for you. HUG is one group of people that genuinely supported me and reached out to me when I was at the lowest. I was first introduced to HUG in May 2016, and officially enrolled into their programme in May 2017.

Before I crossed paths with HUG, there was a period when fear and helplessness consumed me. I couldn’t turn to my friends to confide in, and neither did I turn to family for support as I felt guilty to add on to their worries. Then HUG found me. As HUG walked with me throughout this period, the experience was therapeutic and allowed me to do some soul searching. Through their activities, from house painting to door visits, HUG serves as a great platform for young people to be surrounded by positive energy, and at the same time, contribute to society in a meaningful way that teaches us discipline, positivity, and hardwork. In addition, the Team also conducts self-improvement courses (i.e. anger management course) and healthy activities such as sports to inculcate a sense of team bonding in a safe environment. I am fortunate to have received counselling from this unique group of volunteers, especially from Jeffrey, who has given me advise during the hearings and roped me into additional programmes to substantiate my case, as well as Ms. Sharon Mak, who has been constantly motivating and instilling faith in me throughout the entire period. They have provided me with opportunities to aid my situation, and gave me the moral support from the start till the end.

This testimonial is an understatement to what HUG can achieve, and how I have benefitted through their programme. I am grateful and moved by what the team of volunteers have done for me, and for each beneficiaries and individuals under their programme. I have faith that HUG will soar to greater heights, and I wish them all the best in future endeavours.

- BK

A “Second Chance”….Love unexplainable

Hi There! I’m here to talk about my life journey with Hug Community Services Ltd (HCSL) and Sembawang Assembly of God (SAG) Church. At age 20, I committed a serious crime out of friendship. I did not care nor fear the consequences that I would be facing if I was arrested. The day I was arrested, my life changed. I thought that it would not affect me emotionally, but it was a lie. The perception that since my parents did not love me made me felt like I had nothing to lose in life lead me to this life-learning journey, which lasted about one and a half years.

My family was disappointed at the same time, I knew I had ruined my future as the offence I’ve committed was very serious. Hearing from the lawyers that I could potentially face a prison sentence with caning. In the end, I was given a lighter sentence to RTC (Reformative Training Center) for 18months. It was the tears of sadness I saw rolling down their face made me realised that they had loved me after all.

On that day, I decided to pick myself up for a change. My mum recommended to give back to the society through community service, there where I joined The New Charis Mission (TNCM) and got to know Pastor. Jeffrey from HCSL. He was there to extend a helping hand even when hope seemed to be dim. He brought me to church and introduced this wonderful person called Jesus. As a non-believer, I had not knowledge about this Jesus but Pastor. Jeff was always willing to share and guide me like a mentor and spiritual teacher.

Through the HCSL program, I got to meet Pastor. Jeffrey and Sis. Sharon who befriended me and gave me countless counselling sessions that helped brought me and my family closer than before. Through the programmes that HCSL offered, I’ve learnt to control my temper (Anger Management), being more sensible to make wise decisions, prioritising my plans in a long-term picture.

Now, life began to color up beautifully when knowing how to cherish my life and my close ones (family). I want to thank God for placing such wonderful people such as Pastor. Jeffrey, Pastor. Emily, Sharon, HCSL, SAG in my life sacrificially taking me by the hand towards change, to feel love, Joy, Peace again. These are things that I could not find before.

Preparing to an imprisonment (RTC) term as a final verdict in the High Court, an unlikely miracle actually took place! I was given a Probation Order of 30months instead. The probability of a Probation Order was as good as none, but God decided otherwise when I prayed asking Him for a “chance”. To me chances are only given once, but at that moment, I understood why people call this “Second Chance”! His love for me was just unexplainable.

I now experience love that I’ve always feared for, and a happy family. Once again, I would like to thank HCSL, SAG, and JESUS! Praise the Lord, Amen!.)

Koh Zhi Wei

Life Transformation

Year 2016 - I was referred to HUG Community Services where I got to know Pastor Jeff. He has guided me through one of the darkest time of my life where i've taken a wrong step in the law. He did not judge me nor put me down. Many times when i felt like giving up, they were there to direct me back to the right path, even if its in the middle of the night. Now, i'm ready to restart my journey and continue to study and my passion in bicycles and scooters. Thank you

Vynn Lee