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Our recent events have been nothing short of spectacular, from programme launches to community outreach initiatives. We're thrilled to share that our upcoming events promise even more excitement, knowledge sharing, and opportunities to connect. Stay tuned for a diverse range of events that cater to your interests, whether it's exploring cutting-edge technology, delving into healthcare innovations, or discovering the latest trends in fashion. Join us in our mission to stay connected, informed, and inspired. Be sure to check our events calendar regularly for updates and to reserve your spot in our upcoming gatherings. Your journey with HUG is just getting started, and we're delighted to have you along for the ride.

HUG's Tea Making Session 2 (2023)

HUG Community's second tea-making session with the students was a delightful prelude to the upcoming Mid-Autumn Festival Celebrations. 

With warm camaraderie filling the room, our dedicated seniors and enthusiastic students came together to craft traditional tea blends in preparation for the festival. The art of tea-making served as a bridge across generations, nurturing both a sense of cultural heritage and the spirit of togetherness. 

As the fragrant teas brewed, so did friendships, and the knowledge exchange enriched us all. This event beautifully encapsulated the essence of the Mid-Autumn Festival – a time for unity, appreciation, and the sharing of traditions.

HUG's Tea Making Session 1 (2023)

HUG Community's inaugural tea-making session with students set the stage for the upcoming Mid-Autumn Festival, providing an opportunity for young learners to discover the festival's traditions. It allowed our students to dive into the world of tea preparation with youthful enthusiasm. 

As they honed their skills, the aroma of freshly brewed tea filled the air, creating an atmosphere of anticipation and togetherness. 

This session was the first step in imparting the essence of the Mid-Autumn Festival to the next generation, fostering a sense of cultural appreciation and community spirit.

HUG's Paper Mache Workshop(2023)

HUG Community's Paper Mache Workshop was an exciting opportunity for students to unleash their creativity. Guided by skilled instructors, the young learners delved into the art of paper mache, transforming ordinary materials into extraordinary works of art. 

As laughter and imagination flowed freely, the room buzzed with the joy of discovery and the satisfaction of hands-on craftsmanship. This hands-on experience not only nurtured their artistic talents but also reinforced the values of patience, cooperation, and the power of turning everyday items into something beautiful. 

The Paper Mache Session was a celebration of creativity and a testament to the community's commitment to inspiring the next generation.

HUG's Father's Day (2023)

HUG Community's Father's Day event was a heartwarming celebration of love and community spirit. Our students took to the kitchen to bake delicious cookies, pouring their dedication and care into each batch. With the freshly baked treats in hand, they set out to spread joy and appreciation, door to door, throughout the neighbourhood. 

The smiles and gratitude of the recipients mirrored the warmth that filled our hearts that day. This event exemplified the values of togetherness and the importance of acknowledging the special role fathers play in our lives. It was a day that showcased not only the students' baking skills but also the sweetness of building connections within our community.

HUG's Mother's Day (2023)

HUG Community's Mother's Day event was a beautiful tribute to the nurturing souls that enrich our lives. Our students embraced their creative talents as they crafted handcrafted bouquets, each a symbol of their appreciation for the mothers in the neighbourhood. 

With these fragrant and vibrant creations in hand, they ventured out to deliver smiles and gratitude, door to door, spreading love and warmth throughout the community.

This event captured the essence of Mother's Day, highlighting the special bond between mothers and their children while reinforcing the values of kindness and connection. It was a day that celebrated not only the students' artistic talents but also the joy of giving back to those who have given us so much.