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Committee Board Members

Tan Luan Kheng, Sophia
Head Advisor / Board Member

Transforming lives since 1983, Sophia has accumulated rich experiences and built a reputation for resolving intricate people issues. Her keen ability to unearth and resolve hidden people issues makes her an invaluable partner to build effective business teams, cultivate strong marriages and nurture abundant lives. She currently holds a Masters of Social Science in Counselling (UniSA) and is the Founder and Master Coach of Morphos International Pte Ltd.


James Ow Yong
Board Member

Specializing in Criminal Law, James has gained experiences dealing with case from the State Courts all the way to the Court of Appeals of Singapore since his admission as an Advocate & Solicitor in 2014. He also provides valuable advice from the early stages during police investigations, to representing to the Attorney General’s Chamber and assisted in trails.



Caroline Ang
Board Member

With a strong passion for youth development and welfare, Caroline works closely with youths and young adults. Being part of the student development team in a reputable educational institute in Singapore, she thrives on working with youth and helping them with their development. She can be counted on to continue contributing to youth and leadership development. Carol holds a Bachelor of Social Science Major in Welfare and Community Work and Major in Applied Counselling Skills (Edith Cowan University) together with two diplomas in Counselling Skills and Human Resource Management.

Dr. Emily Tan Tang Mui (Rev)
Board Member

Senior Pastor (Sembawang Assembly of God)
Doctorate In Ministry (Singapore Bible College)
Exco Member (The Assemblies Of God)

An independent women who embraces and seeks thrills towards creating and enabling new ideas, realising them in hopes to bring change towards the society at large. The many years of leadership together with a passion for the next generation of youths makes way for much contribution towards the expanding of the organization and its outreach goals.