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Our recent events have been nothing short of spectacular, from programme launches to community outreach initiatives. We're thrilled to share that our upcoming events promise even more excitement, knowledge sharing, and opportunities to connect. Stay tuned for a diverse range of events that cater to your interests, whether it's exploring cutting-edge technology, delving into healthcare innovations, or discovering the latest trends in fashion. Join us in our mission to stay connected, informed, and inspired. Be sure to check our events calendar regularly for updates and to reserve your spot in our upcoming gatherings. Your journey with HUG is just getting started, and we're delighted to have you along for the ride.

HUG - Intergenerational Community Chinese New Year Dinner 2024

On March 2nd, 2024, HUG Community hosted an unforgettable Intergenerational Community Chinese New Year Dinner, uniting generations and celebrating culture. Elderly members from the Toa Payoh Community mingled with guests, enjoying a feast of Chinese cuisine, while Beatty Secondary School students showcased Chinese heritage through music and Wushu. 

With inspiring speeches and the presence of Mr. Chee Hong Tat, Minister of Transport and Second Minister of Finance, the night epitomised HUG's essence: fostering connections, celebrating diversity, and inspiring positive change. Watch this video to relive the magic!

HUG - Visiting Kwong Wai Shu Hospital! With our Bunnies ❤️

On March 16th 2024, HUG's beloved pets, Courage, Mercy, Awesome, and Blessing, visited Kwong Wai Shu Hospital, spreading joy as part of our Healer's Programme. Their presence melted away loneliness and brought smiles to the elderly residents. 

Joined by enthusiastic student volunteers, the day was filled with love and laughter, thanks to our furry ambassadors, dedicated volunteers, and the hospital staff. Together, we continue to make the world brighter, one wagging tail and twitching nose at a time!

HUG - Visiting Upper Thomson Residents - Special Interview with Mr Chee Hong Tat!

On February 17th, our HUG team visited Thomson residents as part of our Healers Programme, sharing warmth and valuable insights. During the Chinese New Year festivities, we highlighted HUG's initiatives, with the honourable presence of Mr. Chee Hong Tat, Minister for Transport and Second Minister for Finance. 

A remarkable student conducted an insightful interview with him, discussing his thoughts on our programs and his plans to support HUG Community. This encounter reinforced the power of empathy and kindness, fostering meaningful connections within the community. The Healers Programme exemplifies HUG's mission of spreading love and hope, and we're grateful for the opportunity to make a difference. 

HUG's Chinese New Year 
​Mai Gong Bo Jio (2024)

HUG radiated with joy and unity during our Mai Gong Bo Jio celebration on February 3rd. Our cherished elderly and enthusiastic students gathered for a delightful breakfast and festive activities, from spirited dancing to lively karaoke. 

As we usher in the Year of the Dragon, we extend warm wishes of prosperity and good health to all. We're grateful for the support of our patron, Mr. Chee Hong Tat, whose encouragement fuels our mission to nurture love, hope, and care within our community. Here's to a year filled with joy, connections, and growth!

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